Thursday, 15 March 2012

Own brands, anyone?

My DH goes bowling tonight, so I'm not cooking, just talking .....

So often I hear complaints from women that their children, husband, ________ (fill in the blanks here) will not eat the cheaper food because it's not the brand he/she/it likes. Well, m'dears, you need to be more devious.

I used to keep goats because I liked the milk and it was hard to buy in those far off days. It's not that easy to find even now. My husband refused to touch it saying it was bound to taste wrong, well "goaty" was the word he used. I couldn't even get him to try a sip, so I bought him cows milk under protest. Then one day I decided to add a spoonful of goats milk to the cows milk in the fridge door, and waited with bated breath. . . . . .

Next day I added half a cupful ........

The following week I upped the concentration to a full cupful ....

The following week - well you get the picture. In no time, I was refilling the milk bottle with pure goats milk and HE NEVER NOTICED!

Then I went away for a few days and on my return, hubby complained that the milkman had been delivering milk that had gone off, so I decided to confess to the deception. Luckily he saw the funny side and didn't complain again about the goats milk.

I have had similar problems with my present partner, but using similar tactics I have found that he WILL eat Sainsbury's own brand baked beans, mushy peas, pasta (the really cheap stuff at 39p a packet :o) and doesn't even complain about the Co-op's cheapy-cheap cornflakes.

Of course there will be items where the quality of the product will be entirely different, but if you don't try, you'll never know.

On the topic of quality, there are items in my basket that I will not change. I go to Waitrose once a week ...... yes, I know they are supposed to be mega expensive ...... but they have UN-HOMOGENISED milk. You know, the sort where you have to shake the bottle to mix in the cream. But unlike other supermarkets, they do this in full fat AND semi skimmed! It's a "royal" milk with the label of Duchy Originals, an organic milk, and is currently £3 for 2 x 4 pint bottles. Fantastic tasting milk, you need to try it.

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