Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shortbread fingers

Heat oven to gas 3/325F/160C.

250g (9oz.) Plain flour
75g (3oz.) Caster sugar
175g (6oz.) Butter

Put flour and sugar into a mixing bowl and rub in the butter.

Knead well with your hands until it sticks together.

Either roll out to a rectangle or press into an oblong greased tin to make the shape. Turn out and cut into fingers.

Makes about 16.

 Put onto baking tin and using a fork, prick each finger several times.

Bake for about 45mins checking after 30 mins to make sure they are not getting brown too fast.

When they are pale golden brown they are ready. Leave to cool and go crisp, then enjoy.

Add a few lavender flowers for an aromatic biscuit.
Use part wholemeal flour for a healthier biscuit.


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